Roll Call – Shale and Hearty

Shale and Hearty

Pennsylvania companies with an interest in energy issues, particularly natural gas policy, have a new ally inside the Beltway: Keystone Public Affairs, launched this month by two Pennsylvania natives and former Capitol Hill aides.

Brian Sowa and Jeff Vorberger will serve as president and executive vice president, respectively, of the firm. Sowa was most recently vice president of Strategic Marketing Innovations. Vorberger left the strategic communications firm Financial Dynamics. Both previously were top aides to former Rep. John Peterson (R-Pa.).

“Given our Pennsylvania backgrounds, we are particularly interested in the Marcellus Shale development,” said Vorberger, referring to the natural gas formation that stretches across the state. The drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing has drawn environmental protests and federal scrutiny, including an Environmental Protection Agency study.

The firm will help clients “navigate the repercussions and consequences of” federal inquiries, Vorberger said, as well as “the legislative and regulatory proposals that will emanate from them.”

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